Maintenance Surveys

Whether planning an industrial coating application project or concerned about coating conditions on aging equipment, West Coast Coating Consultants assist proprietors to address water quality control issues, concrete corrosion, presence of lead, and other industrial coating concerns through surface testing, maintenance surveys, coating application consultation and failure analyses. Contact our office to speak with expert coating consultants.

A maintenance survey determines the coating conditions of a surface and are used to design a suitable maintenance schedule for re-coating and touch-up applications. They are used to assess bridges, refineries, water tanks, fuel storage tanks, wastewater treatment plants, shipyards, and anywhere coating is vital.

When performing a maintenance survey, WCCC’s goal is to predict where deterioration happens and at what rate it occurs, allowing for a better, more cost-effective maintenance schedule.

A maintenance survey by West Coast Coating Consultants includes the following duties:

1. Itemization of all target components including structural parts
2. Assessment of Coating:
-Coating Type Determination
-Tracking Coating History
-Lead Paint Detection
-Quality Control Inspection
3. Assessment of structural conditions
4. Assessment of requirements for recoating
5. Prioritization for maintenance of component parts
6. Hazardous materials management
7. Full Documentation of survey findings
8. Materials recommendations for recoating or repair