III. Final Coating Inspection and Report

West Coast Coating Consultants observes NACE-certified coating inspection standards. Whether for surface preparation, coating application, maintenance surveys, corrosion prevention or failure analysis, WCCC Coating Inspectors and Engineers are determined to provide cost-effective, unbiased quality assurance for every industrial coating project.

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Final Coating Inspection

  1. Upon completion of the final interior or exterior finish coat the Inspector shall conduct final inspections of the coating system. A Dry Film Thickness Survey (DFTS) shall be performed in accordance with SSPC PA-2. Areas not meeting the specified coating thickness when SSPC PA-2 has been applied shall be identified to the Contractor for repair.
  2. The surfaces coated by the Contractor shall be thoroughly inspected for coating coverage, color and consistency. In areas where the coating has been applied over dirt, debris, or other unsatisfactory material will be identified to the Contractor for repair. All surfaces coated revealing any defect shall be identified to the Contractor for repair.
  3. Coatings applied to “irregularly” shaped pieces shall be visually inspected for coverage, color and consistency. Prior to any repairs of the final coating system, the Inspector shall review the procedures defined in the specification for repair with the Contractor’s Management. Any discrepancies or unclear direction shall be reviewed and a repair procedure will be developed with the Engineer’s approval.
  4. Close observation of coating mixing will be performed to ensure the product has been mixed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation and SSPC “Good Paint Practice” guidelines. The Inspector shall record the coating batch/lot and dates of manufacture to ensure the proper coatings are being used and have not exceeded their shelf life for all coatings used during the repair procedure.
  5. A final report summarizing the complete coating job, inspections, a list of equipment used and the calibration dates will be prepared and forwarded to the Engineer for final review and acceptance.

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