Failure Analysis

Whether planning an industrial coating application project or concerned about coating conditions on aging equipment, West Coast Coating Consultants assist proprietors to address water quality control issues, concrete corrosion, presence of lead, and other industrial coating concerns through surface testing, maintenance surveys, coating application consultation and failure analyses. Contact our office to speak with expert coating consultants.

In cases of coating failure, WCCC Coating Consultants are called upon to assess the situation and determine the root cause of the problem. Surface preparation, coating application procedure, and materials selection are all considered in this comprehensive assessment of coating failure. Our experienced team of SSPC-certified and NACE-certified coating inspectors will be able to tell you precisely where the problem is, what went wrong, and what to do about it.

A site visit will often include taking samples of the coating and base surface for laboratory testing, microscopic examination of the thickness and cohesive integrity of the coating, assessment of any cleaning or maintenance performed post-application, and environmental factors affecting the surrounding area.

As with all WCCC consultations, a full comprehensive report per project with photographs is included.