WCCC’s Industrial Coating Inspectors routinely consult on metal rust, acid corrosion, water quality control, lead monitoring, and paint analysis issues where up-to-date knowledge is of the utmost importance. Our consultants are fully certified and have years of experience dedicated to rigorous safety standards. Our Coating Consultants also provide expertise on the latest advances in coating polymers, corrosion inhibitors and anti-graffiti paint applications.  The following are just a few of the industry-standard certifications under which WCCC conducts business.

NACE Certification

NACE International is the leader in the corrosion engineering and science community, and is recognized around the world as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions.

Originally known as “The National Association of Corrosion Engineers”, NACE was established in 1943 by eleven corrosion engineers in the pipeline industry. These founding members were involved in a regional cathodic protection group formed in the 1930s, when the study of cathodic protection was introduced. With more than 60 years of experience in developing corrosion prevention and control standards, NACE International has become the largest organization in the world committed to the study of corrosion. Visit www.nace.org for more details.

WCCC staff includes ten NACE-certified Coating Inspectors – some of whom have more than 35 years in the industrial coating Industry and more than 20 years of experience as N.A.C.E. Certified Coating Inspectors.

ASTM Protective Coating Inspection Standards Guide

ASTM International, founded as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world – a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Known for their high technical quality and market relevancy, ASTM International standards have an important role in the information infrastructure that guides design, manufacturing and trade in the global economy. For more information, visit www.astm.org.

WCCC Coating Consultants and Inspectors are qualified to perform a wide range of tests under the ASTM Protective Coating Inspection Standards Guide, ensuring complete compliance with the industry standards. WCCC also provides full documentation for each project as it progresses, indicating detailed test results and quality assurance you can trust.

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings

SSPC was founded in 1950 as the Steel Structures Painting Council, a non-profit professional society concerned with the use of coatings to protect industrial steel structures. In 1997, the name of the association was changed to The Society for Protective Coatings to better reflect the changing nature of coatings technology and the ever-expanding types of construction materials.

Focusing on the protection and preservation of concrete, steel and other industrial and marine structures and surfaces through the use of high-performance industrial coatings, the SSPC provides industry standards information as well as coating selections, coating application guidelines, and relevant environmental regulations information. For more information on SSPC Coatings standards and guidelines, visit www.sspc.org.

WCCC Coating Inspectors consult SSPC standards guidelines at several points in a typical coating inspection project:

  • SSPC Visual Standards are reviewed with the Contractor management staff to verify the grade and condition of the surface(s) to be prepared
  • Surface preparation must be achieved in accordance with SSPC SP guidelines
  • Industrial coating mixing is performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and SSPC “Good Paint Practice” guidelines
  • Dry film thickness is measured using a calibrated non-destructive type film thickness gauge; all areas are measured in accordance with SSPC P A-2 guidelines