About Us

West Coast Coating Consultants is a full-service industrial coating inspection and consultation firm providing consultation services for every aspect of industrial coating application and inspection projects, from materials selection to coating inspection to maintenance surveys and failure analysis.

Our Services

West Coast Coating Consultants can help you address water quality control issues, concrete corrosion, presence of lead, and other industrial coating concerns through surface testing, maintenance surveys, coating application consultation and failure analyses. Contact our office in Berkeley, CA to speak with our experts in the coating industry. For detailed information on industrial coating consultation services, ask about our individual services:

  • Maintenance Surveys
  • Materials Selection
  • Industrial Coating Inspection
  • Specification Writing


WCCC's Industrial Coating Inspectors routinely consult on metal rust, acid corrosion, water quality control, lead monitoring, and paint analysis issues where up-to-date knowledge is of the utmost importance. Our consultants are fully certified and have years of experience dedicated to rigorous safety standards. Our Coating Consultants also provide expertise on the latest advances in coating polymers, corrosion inhibitors and anti-graffiti paint applications. The following are just a few of the industry-standard certifications under which WCCC conducts business.

  • NACE Certification
  • ASTM Protective Coating Inspection Standards Guide
  • SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings

Regions We Serve

West Coast Coating Consultants does coating inspection and consultation anywhere in the United States, and even beyond. We can send certified Coating Inspectors to your area for a wide variety of projects including coating inspection, maintenance surveys, and failure analysis.

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